Allred, Jenna Real Estate Broker

Allred, Jenna Real Estate Broker

Jenna Allred
Broker Windermere Himlie
920 Railroad Ave.
Shelton WA, 98584

Looking To Buy Or Sell A House in Shelton WA or Surrounding Mason County Area? Jenna Allred can help you. Windermere is located in downtown Shelton WA. Call Jenna Allred today to get all your real estate questions handled. Windermere has years of experience.

How Much Is Your Current Home Worth?
This is a great question that Jenna Allred can help you determine.

Tips For Selling Your Home

#1 Selling Your Home Can Become Emotional- Limit Your Emotions To Help You

Once you decide to sell your house, think of it as objectively as possible. Limiting your emotions will help you make decisions that can have long term effects.

#2 List Your House At A Reasonable Price And Consider Repairs and Costs That May Be Needed

Homes with deferred maintenance and repair issues can take far longer to sell and can be subject to last-minute sale-cancellations. Houses need to be able to appraise for value. If you will not be able to make repairs consider how this might effect the market value of your home. Houses priced too high can end in failure to sell. If you have already decided you are ready to sell determine what you can and are willing to do to prepare your house.

#3 Negotiate- Selling A House Often Involves Negotiating

Getting top dollar is the dream of every seller. But it’s essential that you let the market dictate that price. Allow your agent to research and prepare a market analysis that factors in the value of similar homes in the area, and trust those results. Decide where you can be flexible and also where you can’t. Remember what your goal is and then let your Realtor help you reach it.

#4 Pictures Say A Thousand Words
Most home buyers will first see your home online. Make sure it is ready to capture it’s best features. In order to make a good first impression, you need a wealth of high-quality photos of your home and surrounding grounds. Try and remove clutter and personal belongings, this will help buyer picture the home as theirs.