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Shelton Dental Excellence

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The Importance Of A Dental Check-Up:

Tooth Decay (cavities)
Periodontal Disease (bone/gum disease)
Treatment of Sensitive Teeth
A link between Periodontal Disease and Heart Attacks
A link between Periodontal Disease and Premature Birth Weight Babies
Oral Hygiene Instructions During All Stages Of Life
Proper Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment
Learn How To Have A Beautiful SMILE
Proper Oral Health
Oral Cancer Screenings

Patient Services

Dental Hygiene
Crowns and Bridges
Root Canals
Partials and Dentures
Safety and Comfort
Tooth Colored Fillings

Creating Smiles Through Gentle Techniques

One common fear that many people share is a fear of a dentist. This fear is well earned because many times dental procedures are painful and costly. We have found that when we share with our clients exactly what will happen next and provide options that fear melts away.

We Welcome Children

When you call to make an appointment for your child we will schedule a ½ hour appointment called a “Happy Visit” at no charge. It’s good to start your child early at the dentist and get a head start on their dental care. When your child enters the office a parent will check him/her in at the front desk and fill out any necessary paperwork. The child may read books or play with the toys during this time. The assistant will then call the patient back. The parents are encouraged to participate in the happy visit and sometimes sit in the chair with their child on their lap if needed. We start the visit off with a chair ride and sunglasses for the overhead light. We then show the child a video of “Kirby the Monkey” brushing and flossing his teeth. This soothes the child. If the child allows the assistant to set back the chair and take a peak, we will do so. We will go over proper care for the child depending on their age. The doctor will come in the room and introduce himself and let the child know in detail what he will be doing. He uses a mirror and counts their teeth and makes you (the parent) aware of any problem areas, description of treatment needed, and how to prevent further issues.
shelton dental excellence shelton wa

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shelton dental excellence

Office hours:

Monday 8 am – 5 pm
Tuesday 8 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 8 am – 5 pm
Thursday 8 am – 5 pm
Friday 8 am -2 pm

What happens at the typical check-up appointment?

The following oral health care activities usually take place at the typical dental check-up visit: Professionals who will treat you — Two oral health care professionals – your dentist and the dental hygienist – will likely see you. The hygienist will conduct an initial oral exam of your gums and teeth, document any changes in your overall health and medicine use, clean and polish your teeth, talk to you about caring for your teeth and gums, and answer any questions you might have about home care products. Your dentist will also conduct an oral exam of your mouth (for signs of oral cancer or other diseases), gums, and teeth; ask about changes in your overall health or medicine use; review the cleaning done by the hygienist; diagnose any oral health problems; and make treatment recommendations.