Walker Park a Hidden Jewel in Shelton WA

Walker Park a Hidden Jewel in Shelton WA

Walker Park is more than your normal park!

Walker park shore line

Walker park has it’s very own beach access. Whales have been frequently spotted from this beautiful location. Bird watchers can find osprey and eagles flying around oakland bay. Many people like to put their kayaks in the water at walker park and take the hammersley inlet express out to hope island. When the tide is going out the hammersley inlet is like a river and will make the paddling easy to Hope Island State Park. If you plan your trip around the tides, a rising tide will help you come back to walker park as well.

Walker park covered picnic area
Walker park has a covered picnic area complete with barbecues, so you can still have your that birthday party even if the weather doesn’t play nice.  The ramada at walker park is surrounded with old growth trees and a gentle creek, which make for beautiful scenery. On a hot day walker park is the place to be, because it has shade most of the day from all the huge trees in the park.
Walker park playground
Feel like shooting some hoops? Grab your ball and head out to walker park. A play area for kids that is well kept secret, its fairly new, clean and the kids love it. Many years walker park is used for Easter Egg hunts, and many birthday parties have been held here. Walker park is hard to beat.

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