Walter Dacon Barrel Tasting

Walter Dacon Barrel Tasting

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Barrel Tasting

It’s not everyday you’ll get to get inside the barrels at Walter Dacon. During this special event Ann and Lloyd share with you the secret pleasure of thieving wine from their barrels. A light meal will be apart of the fun. If you are a wine drinker and are visiting Mason County you won’t want to miss this opportunity to visit Walter Dacon Wines. Going for a drive on the Hood Canal to see the beautiful fall colors. Drive on over to Walter Dacon Wines to enjoy the harvest from deep in the barrels.

Walter Dacon Wines

Winery Shelton WA Winery near Hood Canal
Saturday …. October 22, 2011
Sunday …. October 23, 2011
Noon- 6:00 pm
50 SE Skookum Inlet Road
Shelton, WA

“Walter Dacon Wines is dedicated to Rhône and Mediterranean style wines and sources grapes from select vineyard sites in the Yakima and Columbia Valleys of Washington State.”